02/2014 (The First Date)

As any girl knows we freak out when a guy doesn’t acknowledge us. I spent the whole evening wondering whether Charlie was going to message me at all. Having stayed at Coco’s I took matters into my on hands (which is not like me), I plucked up the courage conjour up a Facebook message that sounded really simple, but took a lot of thought and editing to perfect, “It’s a shame I didn’t see you out last night” (Impressive, I know). His reply about seeing a friend who could give him a lift home was poor, but it didn’t matter because from that moment I was hooked. What started off as nervous rambling resulted in fluent conversation, I had never felt like I knew someone so much. He connected with me on a much deeper level than anyone have connected with me before and it didn’t stop. [Bear in mind this is a teenage relationship so there will be a lot more of this cringy talk, but I’ll try to minimize it]. We talked continuously for over two weeks, then he suggested we should call on the phone, and here the Charlie addiction began. Me being a nervous girl, and an overthinker (apparently one of my Libra character traits) resulted in me making a list of things to talk about, but as you probably guessed I didn’t need it. One of my best friends Anna recently pointed out that Charlie is a people pleaser, a past of being unnecessarily insecure has resulted in him always trying his hardest to ensure people like him; and that’s probably why it felt as though I was talking to an old friend. I never knew that it could get deeper than what my other teenage crushes had taught me, a.k.a. texting all night and then small talk and awkward glances at school. I never knew how much I was yearning to bear my soul to someone, to talk about something other than my day or my favorite colour, until he came along and made it easy for me to bear it. Charlie was my game changer.

After a month and a half of texting, calling and Facebooking he finally plucked up the courage and ask me on a date, to which I declined (treat them mean keep them keep ey); I did agree to coffee the following week though. And soon the day came. It was a weekday, I planned my outfit making sure I looked casual with a hint of sexy (matching underwear of course), I put on just enough make-up to look flawless without looking airbrushed, I turned up on time but not too early; the basics. I spent the whole train journey with sweaty palms, rehearsing what I’d say in the awkward silences, but when I arrived his hello put me at ease, and it was easy.

We have always been easy. It’s probably why I will always go back to him because he is easy, our relationship is comfortable it always has been; pro or con?

He took me to the café bought me a latte, remembered and bought me a slice of my favorite cake (carrot by the way- best thing ever); as well as surprising me with marshmallows (my favorite candy, and yeah I have a sugar problem my dad was a baker so we can blame him for my future diabetes). I drank my coffee from a straw and in hindsight I must’ve looked like an idiot, but in my head I thought I was being cute. We walked around town, he tried to hold my hand and I rejected him (another cool move from me), we made the mistake of visiting Gertrude, but I’ll explain that later. It was like he had prepped for our date reading how to be a gentleman 101; he bought my bus ticket, carried my bag, complimented me, and of course I didn’t complain. We arrived at his house, I met his dad who took one look at us and told us that he would give us the whole house….! Now I’m not a forward person with anyone but Charlie, I know from what I’m saying it sounds like it but trust me, when it comes to boys I’m a little awkward slippery fish. So how he managed to get me topless on our first date I will never understand. Nothing besides kissing happened of course, my household is still holy remember and I have self-control (to a certain degree 😉 ); nevertheless for a 17 year old boy that is definitely an achievement.


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