01/2014 (The Beginning)

Where to begin. All teenage relationships have drama, fact, but mine was filled with more drama than any girl could ever ask for. Let’s start with him. Charlie isn’t the typical boy, by this I mean that my type before had been blonde, and sporty and all things preppy, but he wasn’t like that. Well, preppy he has covered but he has a certain intrigue about him; a sensitive side that resulted in me handing my wounded heart on a platter to him over and over again; but let me start from the beginning.

It was just after New Year’s, the 3rd of January 2014. Typical teenage house party, theme was black-tie(esk), girls wore anything black and tight and the boys bought out their suits. I had always been interested in boys, but never had the confidence or met the right one to pursue anything greater than texting small talk for a couple of weeks. I had spent the whole party convincing people that I was engaged to some YouTuber I was clearly too obsessed with. [I would just like to point out here, I’m not a commitment freak I just really like weddings and I want to be wedding planner, so any talk about marriage revolves around that and not an overbearing desire to actually settle down and start a family.] I had never met him before, well there was one time when he was seeing my best friend but I didn’t even think to acknowledge him. It was almost like something out of the movies, or more realistically it was the result of the multiple ciders I had consumed that night that allowed me to pluck up the courage to stop him in the door way. Putting my hand out, and of course using my lacy black dress covered body to stand in his way I declared “I’m sorry, you need a password to get through the doorway” and he responded with a line that I was too drunk to remember accurately, however it was definitely of the flirtatious nature. He introduced himself as Charlie and I said “Hi my name is Aria”, and after a whole lot of drunken small talk from my side I proceeded with my evening of fake engagement stories. At the time I would never have thought that that moment would’ve started to un reel a very complicated and emotionally taxing bundle of wool, but who is ever really able to know what the future holds.

I am 17 at this point by the way. Quick introduction of me, I’m probably one of the craziest people you will ever meet. I’m a Libra (11th October 1995) which one of my best friends tells me means that I fall in love very easily, I’m passionate, indecisive and so many other things. My family is great, I’m the daughter of a minister of religion which bring a whole load of complications. You know religious/ strict family equals rebellious teenage-hood, but I’m tamer now. Want to be a wedding planner, and at the current moment I go to an all-girls school which has a year of exactly 10 people, no joke; but that honestly is a whole other story!

Onwards and upwards. Life passed by, A-level stress and what not. I had taken all four of AS’s so I was really feeling something very stressful, so what better way to distress than party. Originally going to school in Bath, and now being educated in Oxford, all the really exciting parties took place in Bath (because of the boys). The next part was the end of January, the boys had rented out a venue for their birthday and provided us with drinks and chili which I never actually ate. I had gone to get ready at Coco’s house (Coco being my number 1 girl) and all the girls were there. Same drill, I wore a tight top, and tight jeans and heels that were too high for any social situation. One of my friends asked me if I had my eye on anyone tonight and after pondering it for very little time I said “I wouldn’t mind getting with Charlie”, and we all giggled and gossiped about him and my ex-best friend at the time, we’ll call her Gertrude. We arrived at the venue late because that was/still is still the fashion. With my eye on my vocally declared target I entered the party knowing what I wanted and plotting my method to get there. When I finally saw him he was talking to a friend of mine, and I honestly thought they had a connection, anything I was saying didn’t seem as interesting as anything she had to stay; so I left it. I continued with my night, chilling with guys from my old year, catching up with all the people, repeating the same sentence about how I felt about my own school ‘no words’. Around 10pm I had lost my Coco and was not really but kind freaking out. By chance I happened to walk past Charlie and I asked him if he would be so kind and help me find Coco, and of course he couldn’t resist. Obviously no searching went on what so ever, and in hindsight I probably knew where Coco was and all I was interested in was attaining my predetermined goals. We walked to the balcony and he was clearly out of it enough for him to listen to me ramble on about how I wanted my wedding to pan out. Conversation felt natural and when the time was right he leaned in, and our first kiss happened over and over again. To this day he swears that he only did because I was ‘staring at his lips for the whole conversation’, which I still believe is a lie; I am not that eager! Between locking lips we discussed about how we were going to go out after, and when enough people had walked past and made whopping noises, we decided to call it a night and he took my hand and we walked in to actually find Coco. Obviously, we found her immediately. I went with her to gossip and get ready to go out and he want to recoup with his friends. Coco and I made it out, but Charlie didn’t. Nevertheless, being young and never around boys at this stage, I got with Charlie’s best friend. Well it wasn’t technically a get, more like a long peck which I pulled away from because he was seeing someone (lol, rookie error by me but no regrets); and so the night ended.


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