My version of my teenage love story



All the names used are fake, you know for precautionary reasons.

It’s quite simple actually, I am a girl who fell for a guy who promised to love her. I fervently, without a doubt believe that he still does, but regardless of that this is for me. It is for me to see my relationship from a certain distance. It’s to help me to move on. This could also be for you. I know how it feels, to want something so bad and despite everything you do still not be able get it. I understand the frustration, the pain and the decisions (both good and bad) . I love to write, and I guess this is also a coping mechanism.

This is my version of an age old tale, so enjoy.

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Surprise! Surprise!

Writing this now I’m struggling to remember the feeling of having him next to me. I have the memories, I see them vividly playing in my head, memory after memory, but I can’t remember how it feels, all I can remember are the moments.